Why Choose OkStraw Paper Straws?

The paper straw market today is growing faster than we could ever imagine, and with so many companies coming to the market, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices in front of you. Don’t fret, however, because OkStraws are here to serve, whatever the task may be.

OkStraw paper straws are available in both 3-ply and 4-ply thickness, giving them superior strength to their competitors. OkStraw paper straws have the rigidness to pierce the tops of boba tea drink containers, and the sturdiness to handle the most viscous of milkshakes. 

While some competitors manufacture their paper straws with low-grade glue and light-weight paper, OkStraw’s paper straws are made from multiple layers of high-weight paper bonded with a superior strength proprietary glue blend. This manufacturing gives OkStraw paper straws a more durable design that will not snap in half or pinch shut. 

OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last over 5 hours while submerged in drinks.

OkStraw paper straws are made from biodegradable, Earth-friendly plant and mineral based oils and adhesives. There is no wax used in production, which can prevent the paper straws from composting properly. OkStraw paper straws have a special coating and adhesive that allows them to last longer than their competitors. 

In fact, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straws are rated to last over 5 hours while submerged in drinks. OkStraw achieves this durability while making paper straws that both biodegrade safely, and do not have the off taste of lesser quality straws. 

OkStraw designs and manufactures its own products.

Lastly, OkStraw designs and manufactures its own products. This means that OkStraw clients have the choice of specifying custom designs, colors, graphics for their paper straws. Additionally, OkStraw clients have shorter lead times than they would with competitors, especially those who outsource their production to third party manufacturers.

As more plastic straw bans are coming into effect, the pressure to find a sustainable, quality and affordable alternative feels more daunting than ever. Rest easy, however, because with superior durability and longevity, greater compostability, more customer choices, and shorter lead times, OkStraw paper straws are here to deliver the finishing blow to plastic straws once and for all. 

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