Orange Chevron Wave – Jumbo Cocktail


Jumbo Cocktail size (6x197mm – 0.24″x 7.75″)

Orange Chevron Wave

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Orange Chevron Wave

Orange & White Chevron Waves Jumbo Cocktail size (6x197mm – 0.24″x 7.75″)

Eco-friendly & Disposable Drinkware: Made of biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials and food safe ink, BPA FREE, FOOD GRADE FDA APPROVED.

FDA-APPROVED food-safe dyes give our eco-friendly straws vibrant color schemes and add a decorative touch and let guests easily identify their glasses.

OkStraw paper straws are a safe and suitable alternative to plastic – these are safer for the environment and are biodegradable and compostable.

Many Sizes & High Quality: Will fit perfectly in a mason jar glass or any cup. OkStraw paper straws hold up great and will not fall apart or melt in liquid for an extended period of time.

Convenient & Multi-functional: Ideal for restaurants, bars, and cafes. Different party themes – especially for Spring & Summer time drinks. OkStraw paper straws make parties more fun and exciting!

Hundreds of millions of plastic straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone.They won?t break down in our lifetime and are almost never recycled, leading to them being among the top 10 items of marine debris. Small and lightweight, straws often never make it into recycling bins; the evidence of this failure is clearly visible on any beach. And although straws amount to a tiny fraction of ocean plastic, their size makes them one of the most insidious polluters because they entangle marine animals and are consumed by fish.

By 2050 There Will be More Plastic in the Ocean Than Fish. Plastic straws are just one of many single-use plastics which end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life.

There?s something YOU can do about it! Reducing or not using plastic straws!

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