OkStraw Paper Straws Celebrates Thanksgiving

It’s late October, and you know what that means, don’t you? Yup, Thanksgiving is coming up, and we at OkStraw can’t wait! Flights are booked, family trucksters are packed with the whole family, and the traffic is an absolute nightmare. It’s all worth it, though, because we get to eat and spend time with the family!

Many of us picture Thanksgiving as that old cliché. We’re surrounding a gigantic turkey with tons of sides, trying to forget about those embarrassing, itchy sweaters we have on. Not so fast, however, because just like America, Thanksgivings are becoming diverse by the year. Now let’s grab a drink, get our paper straws ready, and talk about Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving from Plymouth to Liberia

We usually consider the 1621 feast at Plymouth as the first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims sailed from across Europe, and many perished during a harsh Northeastern winter. An indigenous Pautuxet man named Squanto taught the surviving pilgrims how to grow crops, and fish the waters. After the first successful harvest, a three-day feast was held, becoming first Thanksgiving. 

In 1863, President Lincoln set Thanksgiving as the last Thursday of November, and every president since kept the tradition. Thanksgiving isn’t just confined to America, other countries also celebrate it. Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October. The Liberia in West Africa also celebrates Thanksgiving, and so do the Caribbean countries St. Lucia and Grenada.

The Diverse Thanksgiving Dinner

While we may there there’s a typical Thanksgiving table spread, that really isn’t the case. In fact, many American states have their own unique regional dishes. Florida has key lime pies, while Georgia’s famous for its pecan pies. Mushroom gravy replaces turkey gravy in Washington State, and many Hawai’ians use sweet Okinawan Purple Potatoes. 

Not only does every American region bring its own dish to the Thanksgiving people, so does our multicultural nation. An Egyptian American family might enjoy stuffed grape leaves as a side dish, and many Mexican American families incorporate dishes from their culture into Thanksgiving dinners. Thanksgiving is richer and more diverse than ever thanks to the people of America, and we at OkStraw Paper Straws love celebrating that. 

OkStraw donated over $1500 dollars worth of paper straws to the San Diego Food Bank to show our thanks to the local community!

Paper Straws for Thanksgiving Dinner

So now we know, Thanksgiving is more diverse than we’d ever imagined. But what do all of these Thanksgivings have in common? Everyone needs a paper straw, of course! Here at OkStraw, we created our own Thanksgiving dinner tradition. At our Thanksgiving dinner table, we ditched the plastic and switched to paper straws. We hope our tradition becomes part of every Thanksgiving dinner, because we all need a healthy planet. Additionally, OkStraw donated over $1500 dollars worth of paper straws to the San Diego Food Bank to show our thanks to the local community!

At OkStraw, we use organic biodegradable materials to make a paper straw for every occasion. Perhaps Boba Tea is your Thanksgiving tradition? That’s where our bubble tea paper straws come in! Or maybe you love NFL on Thanksgiving Day? Grab a box of our Football Paper Straws! No matter the tradition, make our paper straws your newest Thanksgiving addition. From all of us at OkStraw, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and welcome to our Cause for Paper Straws!

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