Kamala Harris Supports Banning Plastic Straws

The other night, a CNN host ask California Senator Kamala Harris whether she would ban plastic straws. Senator Harris answered:      “I think we should”. As an alternative, Harris supported switching to paper straws, but her she didn’t think paper straws were strong enough. Senator Harris argued that we we need more innovation and incentive for companies to make better paper straws.

Fret not, Senator Harris, because better paper straws already exist, and are here to end plastic straws. OkStraw makes paper straws with unbeatable performance, for any drink imaginable. Thanks to innovations from OkStraw Paper Straws, we’re ready to usher in paper straws for a Senator Harris’ plastic-free America.

Plastic straw cause immense damage to marine animals

Kamala Harris on Plastic Straws

The plastic straw question came to Kamala Harris during a CNN-hosted town hall meeting on September 4th. Audience member Cassandra Valent asked Senator Harris what she would do as president to reduce plastic waste. Harris answered by pointing specifically to plastic water bottles, plastic straws and plastic bags. When CNN Host Erin Burnett asked Kamala Harris whether she supported a plastic straw ban, Harris said she did.


Additionally, Senator Harris brought up sustainable alternatives to plastic straws, namely paper straws. We at OkStraw are excited to hear Kamala Harris bring up the plastic straws in the presidential race, and name paper straws as real solutions. Senator Harris’ remarks on plastic straws show this isn’t just a West or East Coast issue, it’s an American issue.

Senator Harris on Weak Paper Straws

Although Kamala Harris wants to see paper straws replace plastic straws, she brought up problems she had with paper straws. Senator Harris said she found it hard to drink out of plastic straws, because they broke before she could finish her drink. For that reason, Senator Harris wants to see companies make better, longer lasting paper straws.

OkStraw understands this frustration Kamala Harris feels, and it’s because paper straw companies cut corners. Many paper straw companies cut corners by making straws out of cardboard, or skimping on layers. These cardboard and thin straws quickly go soggy, and just don’t last long enough. Subpar paper straws turn people away, and do the entire industry a disservice. OkStraw knows first impressions make all the difference, and Senator Harris will be astounded by our paper straws.

Poorly made paper straws ruin your drink, and your experience

OkStraw Paper Straws for Harris' New America

Kamala Harris wants to see better paper straws, and that’s where OkStraw comes in. Based in Senator Harris’ home state, OkStraw makes the toughest, longest lasting paper straws on the market. We use organic paper, glue and coloring to make a straw that lasts hours in your drink, but harmlessly composts


OkStraw’s innovative manufacturing processes mean we make paper straws for any drink imaginable. Angle tipped boba tea paper straws? We’ve got you. Paper spoon straws for slushies? Ditto. ADA-compliant paper bendy straws? Of course! Show us your design or logo, and we’ll print it. Needless to say, OkStraw has all the innovation Kamala Harris wants to see from paper straws. So Senator Harris, please keep spreading your message, and encourage more Americans to join the Cause for Paper Straws.

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