OkStraw Paper Straws at Comida Expo San Diego

Comida Expo and Okstraw Paper Straws

OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to announce Comida Expo is coming to our hometown, and we’re going! Comida Expo will be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California on October 26-27, from 12:00-4:00 PM. Attendees can find us at Booth 312, right at the heart of the expo. 

For attendees focusing on cafe supply, bar supply and restaurant supply, be sure to stop and meet us at OkStraw Paper Straws. With competitively priced and high strength paper straws, OkStraw is the one-stop shop to meet your eco-friendly foodware supply needs.

OkStraw Paper Straws and Comida Expo

Comida Expo is a food and beverage trade show for the Hispanic and Latino market. With venues at three locations in Southern California, Comida Expo is right in the heart of the action. Attendees include brokers, buyers and distributors who come from across the U.S. and Mexico. For folks in the Hispanic restaurant supply, Comida Expo is a must-attend hospitality trade show.

With chances for brand exposure, networking and vendor engagement, the reasons to attend Comida Expo are endless. Additionally, Southern California is the place to be for both Hispanic foods and eco-friendly foodware. With more cities banning plastic straws, businesses need sustainable alternatives. That’s why OkStraw will be at Comida to deliver to the Hispanic food and beverage industry our unbeatable paper straws.


Strength Comes in 4-Plies

Comida Expo attendees will find all the popular offerings from OkStraw Paper Straws, and then some. Along with our affordable-but-tough 3-ply paper straws, OkStraw’s 4-ply paper straw inventory keeps getting bigger. Our 4-ply paper straws have unbeatable strength and longevity: how does 5 hours in a drink sound? 


For Comida Expo attendees in the cafe supply business, OkStraw Paper Straws has you covered. Our 4-ply Boba Paper Straws are plastic straw ban compliant, but they don’t sacrifice performance. Not only are they rated for 5 hours, but they come with diagonal cut tips, making them perfect for piercing sealed tops. How can we make bubble tea paper straws strong enough to piece a bubble tea lid? Well let’s just say it was top secret!

boba paper straws -the perfect paper straw for boba tea and bubble tea with a diagonal cut tip for piercing the top of boba tea and bubble tea lids.

Spoon Straws and Bendy Straws

Finding plastic ban-compliant straws can be a real struggle for folks in restaurant supply, but OkStraw Paper Straws makes it easier. Comida Expo attendees selling slushies will find OkStraw Spoon Paper Straws perfect for their needs. Available in 4-ply and in multiple sizes, OkStraw spoon paper straws hold up to any blended ice drink, and won’t collapse or go soggy. 

Comida Expo attendees in restaurant supply know they need straws for everyone. However, it’s challenging to find good bendable paper straws. At OkStraw Paper Straws, we say challenge accepted.  OkStraw’s Bendy Paper Straws are ADA-compliant, making them a real alternative to plastic bendy straws. Try our bendable paper straws at Comida Expo and you’ll agree, the plastic straw is finished.

Come See Us!

From humble 3-ply, to specialty 4-ply paper bubble tea straws, OkStraw Paper Straws has you covered. With custom prints available, fast lead times and certified biodegradability, OkStraw has your business covered. When you’re at Comida Expo San Diego, come see OkStraw at Booth 312, and join the Cause for Paper Straws!

Join OkStraw Paper Straws in Booth 1327 at the Western Foodservice Show in Los Angeles

OkStraw will be in Booth 1327 at LA Convention Center

OkStraw Paper Straws is pleased to showcase our newest line of paper straws at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo 2019, from August 25th-27th. The Custom Print Western Foodservice Show Paper Straws will be provided by OkStraw to all participating vendors and attendees. 

The Expo is at Los Angeles Convention, located at 1201 S Figueroa Ave, right next to the Staples Center. Just a short drive from Downtown Los Angeles, but right at the heart of the action.

The Western Food Expo is the largest trade show of its type on the West Coast, with businesses from around the US and 39 countries attending. Top chefs will perform live demonstrations, and the Western Food Expo will host educational sessions. You can find OkStraw Paper Straws at Booth 1327, at Gourmet Way, where we will showcase our newest line of premium paper straws. 

OkStraw Paper Straws will be presenting our new 4-ply Boba Tea Paper Straws

OkStraw Paper Straw Trade Show Display for Boba Paper Straws and Bubble Tea Paper Straws, tiki paper straws, jumbo paper straws, sea turtle paper straws

Boba and bubble tea drinks are California favorites, and OkStraw Paper Straws will present our new 4-ply Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws. OkStraw Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws won’t bend, collapse or go soggy before you finish your drink. If your business serves boba drinks, then visit the OkStraw booth and see the quality of our paper straws for yourself. 

With more local plastic straw bans in California coming into law, Boba Tea shops need a tough, eco-friendly straw for the task. OkStraw 4-ply bubble tea paper straws punch way above their weight for a price point that companies like Aardvark simply can’t match – OkStraw Boba and Bubble Tea Paper Straws are 50-60% less expensive than Aardvark.com! You will not find another 4-ply Boba Tea Paper Straw with this quality for the price.

OkStraw 4-ply Spoon Paper Straws are tough, long lasting utensils for your slurpee

The heat is on in Southern California this Summer, and more people want their icees and slushees. OkStraw Paper Straws has the perfect compliment for this summer favorite with our 4-ply Spoon Paper Straws, available in both 6mm and 8mm. OkStraw 4-ply Spoon Paper Straws are tough, long lasting utensils that hold up under the slushiest of slushies.  

Fighting against plastic straws needs a tough but flexible solution, and OkStraw’s new U-Shaped and Bendy Paper Straws are here for the job. Yes, that’s right, paper bendy straws! People needing to u-shaped straws and bendy straws for their drinks can finally make the switch to paper straws. Thanks to OkStraw’s U-Shaped and Bendy Paper Straws, everyone is welcome abroad the Cause for Paper Straws!

OkStraw Paper Straws offers custom print paper straws.

A strong brand identity is a must for any business, and branded foodware is a fun way to have this. OkStraw Paper Straws offers custom print paper straws to suit your company’s needs. We offer bulk pricing, low to no lead times and international shipping to your business’ location.

With an exciting new line of 4-ply paper Boba and Bubble Tea, Spoon, and Bendy Paper Straws available, OkStraw Paper Straws is here your business’ or restaurant’s needs. Come visit OkStraw in Booth 1327 for Western Foodservice Show Paper Straws – Join us in Los Angeles and join the Cause for Paper Straws!

LRA Expo 2019

OkStraw Paper Straws is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Louisiana Restaurants Association (LRA) EXPO 2019, located at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, from August 3rd through the 5th. Attendees can find us at Booth 1107. 

We at OkStraw are proud to showcase the newest offerings in our ever-growing range of paper straws. Among these newest items are our 4-ply boba tea paper straws and 4-ply spoon paper straws. These new 4-ply paper straws are the toughest and most durable yet, and are a sure to be a hit among customers.

The Louisiana Restaurants Association EXPO is the biggest and most attended restaurant and hospitality trade show of its kind in the region, where business owners and representatives restaurant and hospitality establishments from across the U.S. will convene. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet exhibitors face-to-face, and forge new partnerships.

LRA was founded in 1946 to advocate for Louisiana’s restaurant and food service businesses among elected officials, and since then the organization carries a reputation as a peer leader among other states’ organizations. LRA today has 9 chapters across the State of Louisiana, with thousands of businesses as members.


With more states and cities placing bans on single-use plastic straws, the demand for high quality paper straws at wholesale restaurant pricing has never been greater.

LRA EXPO 2019 will be OkStraw’s debut at the event, but it most certainly will not be our last. With more states and cities placing bans on single-use plastic straws, the demand for high quality paper straws at restaurant wholesale pricing has never been greater. OkStraw has previously exhibited at the 2019 International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York, and the 2019 International Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

We at OkStraw are excited to build rapport with owners and representatives of restaurants, hotels and cafes from across the country. With competitive wholesale paper straw deals and custom designs available to suit your establishment’s needs, we are here to deliver service as strong as our straws. 

OB Street Fair

National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, Illinois

Thanks for visiting us in Chicago!  

To show our thanks and to get our paper straws out to you, we are offering a huge discount for the next week only - Free shipping as well.    Buy 3 cases of our most popular paper straws, get the 4th case Free.  

Coupon Code: NRASHOW99

White Jumbo Unwrapped

Jumbo Cocktail – 6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″
FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US

Black Jumbo Unwrapped

Jumbo Cocktail – 6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″
FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US

Purchase any combination of 4 cases of our 5000 piece white or black jumbo paper straws and we'll give you 1 of the cases for free.
If you have any questions or need any assistance in ordering, please call (866)939-3227 or email sales@okstraw.com.

BOOTH #5068

National Restaurant Association show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois

May 18th - 21st 2019

Come get free samples of our paper straws – available when you visit us at booth 5068 at the National Restaurant Association show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

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