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Retail Packs
100, 250 & 500 Pieces

Premium Strength Paper Straws - Guaranteed to last over 3 hours in your drink!

Perfect for Parties!
100 Packs
$4.99 - $5.99

Jumbo Cocktail size
(6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″)

Black, White & Kraft
250 Packs
$8.99 - $10.99

Jumbo Cocktail size
(6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″)

Many Colors & Designs
500 Packs
$18.99 - $21.99

Jumbo Cocktail size
(6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″)

Boba/Bubble Tea
100 Packs
$11.99 - $12.99

Boba Paper Straw size
(12X197mm – 0.47″ x 7.75″)
Diagonal Cut Tip

100% Biodegradable

Our premium paper straws fully biodegrade within 60 days of composting

Plastic Free

No need to worry if you local government has banned the use of plastics

Long Lasting

Our premium paper straws will last at least 3 hours in your beverage

FDA & EU Compliant

Made to the highest standard, our premium paper straws are earth friendly and people safe

By Color

Premium Quality Paper Straws - Consistent manufacturing so every drink experience is the same

By Design

Premium Quality Paper Straws - Consistent manufacturing so every drink experience is the same

Custom Sizing

As the manufacturer, OkStraw has the ability to make custom sizes on our paper straws with a diameter between 5mm and 12mm (0.20" to 0.47").


OkStraw is a paper straw manufacturer, not a broker or distributor - so you get the best, most affordable price!

Fast and Ready for Purchase

Most paper straw providers have wait times of 4 - 6 months - OkStraw has inventory ready for purchase now!

Boba Diagonal Cut

OkStraw is the only paper straw manufacturer able to make a high quality diagonal cut on our straws that do not break down!

By Size

Premium Quality Paper Straws - Triple Wrapped - Great for Both Hot & Cold Drinks

Bar Stir
5 x 146mm
(0.20″ x 5.75″)

Perfect for Standard Cocktail glasses.

Jumbo Cocktail
6 x 197mm
(0.24" x 7.75")

Our most popular paper straw size.
Perfect for Tumblers & Pint glasses.

7 x 203mm
(0.275″ x 8″)

Perfect for Iced drinks.

8 x 197mm
(0.31" x 7.75")

Perfect for Blended drinks.

Giant Long
8 x 260mm
(0.31" x 10.25")

Perfect for Blended drinks in tall glasses.

10 x 197mm
(0.40" x 7.75")​

Perfect for Shakes & Smoothies.

Boba & Bubble Tea
12 x 197mm
(0.47" x 7.75")

Our widest paper straw.
Available in a flat-bottom cut or a diagonal cut.



You've tried other paper straws that fall apart in your drink - now try OKSTRAW™ paper straws - the highest quality paper straws in the world!

Marine Degradable - Sustainably Sourced Paper - FDA & EU Compliant

At OkStraw we are always looking for ways to get our premium paper straws to the most customers. Often the best way of doing that is by offering our most popular paper straws at heavily discounted prices.

Here are our SALES PROMOTIONS for May.

Sports Prints

Basketball - Soccer - Football
Starting at $4.99 per 100 pack
Cases of 10000 available now

Limited Time
Free Shipping

On all new
Assorted Colors & Designs
Check out the available selection

White - Jumbo Wide

White - Case of 5,000 Unwrapped
Jumbo Wide Cocktail size (7x203mm – 0.275″ x 8″)
$0.023 per Paper Straw

Black - Jumbo

Black – Case of 5,000 Unwrapped
Jumbo Cocktail size (6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″)
$0.02 per Paper Straw

White - Jumbo

White - Case of 5,000 Unwrapped
Jumbo Cocktail size (6x197mm – 0.24″x7.75″)
$0.02 per Paper Straw

Safety First for Consumers

OkStraw paper straw products are manufactured using eco-friendly, high grade Kraft paper.

Our materials exceed FDA testing standards, per the International Authoritative Organization SGS.

The straws are GMO and BPA free, using FDA food-grade approved ink.

OkStraw paper straws are a safe straw solution for family, friends, guests, and kids when looking for alternatives to single-use plastics.

The Best Alternative to Plastic Straws

Hundreds of millions of plastic straws are used daily with a 200 year composting lifespan.

This has prompted both public and private sector demand for an eco-conscious alternative to plastic straws.

Our paper straw production factory, was established in 2010 to produce eco-friendly products and we focused on paper straws in June of 2018.

We currently manufacture and distribute paper straws to markets across South East Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

Eco-Friendly Paper Straw Manufacturer

The OkStraw brand sustainably manufactures paper straws and distributes to markets which are banning single use plastics.

These straws are made from sustainable FSC/SFI papers – composting within 30-60 days. Additionally, they biodegrade in marine environments in less than 6 months, per the Better Alternatives Now 2.0 list (B.A.N).

Compare this to over 200 years for plastic straws to biodegrade!

This means our straws are safe for animals and humans alike, and wont overstay their welcome once enjoyed by consumers.

Premium Strength Paper Straws

Made with elite strength Kraft paper, OkStraw products are verified soggy-proof for over 3 hours.

This means consumers can re-use one straw for up to 3 refills per drink.

We recommend using OkStraw with cold beverages to extend the straw’s usability.

Test them out for yourself today by requesting samples send directly to your business!

OkStraw Paper Straws - Let's End Single-use Plastics Together

Sustainably sourced supply chain, eco-friendly production, food & drink safe, planet approved

Our Mission at OkStraw

Our Mission at OkStraw is to safeguard land and sea habitats by supplying global markets with a reliable, premium strength, paper straw. Today, ecosystems are under pressure from plastics and as a result, single-use plastic bans are sweeping the globe. Our land and marine compostable paper straws are 100% biodegradable in support of our environment. We believe in providing excellent customer service and affordable paper straws in order to encourage restaurants, bars, and cafes to end single-use plastics.
Join the cause for paper straws!

How bad are Plastics?

Today there exists a man-made monster Deep in the Pacific. It’s called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. What’s this? Picture roaming mass of lifeless plastic, spanning the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific. That’s a scary notion; and it’s very real.


It is estimated that over 500 MILLION plastic straws are used and thrown away in the United States every day.

Learn more about daily plastic straw usage.


Sea and land wildlife are often on the receiving end of the negative effects of these plastic straws. This was shown in sea turtle video where a plastic straw was lodged in the poor animals nostril.

See the turtle video that helped raise awareness.


As a crude oil based product, plastic drinking straws take over 200 years to decompose and biodegrade.

Find out how long plastics take to decompose.

The OkStraw Team

OkStraw Paper Straws

The OkStraw paper straw brand launched in May, 2018, on behalf of our parent company Sensil International, LLC., as part of the company mission to support the global anti-plastic movement.  Today, OkStraw offers custom print, boba / bubble tea, and wholesale opportunities for our premium strength paper straws.

San Diego, California

OkStraw employs 40 team members at our production site.  The core leadership and customer service teams are in San Diego, California, where our warehouse and offices are located.  This provides U.S. clients access to all levels of our team – ensuring a customer service experience as strong as our products. 

OkStraw offers the best value, premium strength paper straw in the US Market. We afford factory-direct pricing on the 10 million paper straws in-stock at our Southern California warehouse. Our US customer support team is ready to ship orders same day upon purchase. Contact our team today to learn more!

Why OkStraw?

The benefits of partnering with OkStraw’s brand of eco-friendly, paper straws.  The food & beverage industry needs a reliable paper straw partner. As distributors cycle through suppliers, questions stock, product quality, sustainability, and FDA compliance are of concern.  Simply put – the industry does not have a trusted Paper Straw Partner. 

Enter OkStraw’s Premium Strength Paper Straw products. OkStraw is a California based company with a US inventory of over 10 Million paper straws in our San Diego warehouse.  Our factory pricing and superior product quality offers you the best value paper straws in the US market.  Additionally our customer support is as strong as our straws. OkStraw’s customer service team is located in Southern California – available by phone, email. Contact us at any point during the order cycle for Food & Safety certificates, quotes, and updates.

US Inventory – In-Stock

We warehouse 10,000,000 straws in San Diego, CA – ready for UPS or LTL delivery.

All Sized Straws
Barstirs to Bobas

From Small to Super Sized – we build straws of all types of drinks.

Proprietary Production Process

We use an in-house mix of organic glues to bind our triple wrapped, food-grade paper straw together.

Retail to Wholesale Capacity

We build Packs of 100 to Packed 40ft Containers; and ship globally to our partners.

Factory-Direct Pricing

Competitive pricing coupled with premium strength – gives your client’s the best value.

Custom Print Straws & Packaging

Brand your own design onto a paper straw, paper wrap or even packaging.

Best Durability on the Market

Our high quality manufacturing process ensures premium strength paper straws that are guaranteed to last over 3 hours in your beverage!

Discounted Pricing

Discounts from 30% - 80% reserved for your business. Provide your customers with consistent, high quality paper straws at very affordable prices.

Holiday Designs

Special wholesale pricing available for our holiday prints. Give your customers a great product to set your restaurant, bar, or cafe above the rest!

LTL or Containers

We are ready to ship directly to your location either by the case, pallet, or the container.

Low to No Lead Times

We have over 10 million premium paper straws ready for immediate delivery from our San Diego warehouse.
Need a unique color or design? Our production lead time and delivery averages 3-4 weeks!

Convenient Packaging for your Business

Our premium paper straws are packed in easy to store cartons so you can store them with ease!

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